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bringing families


when emergency strikes

When a sudden illness or emergency occurs, you want family by your side as soon as possible. Family Alert can help.

Enrollment is easy and it’s absolutely FREE!


Family Alert Card


Family Alert is a community service initiative that helps bring loved ones together during a sudden accident or illness.

here’s how it works.

If an emergency occurs, your Family Alert wallet card or key fob will inform emergency personnel that you are enrolled in the Family Alert program. The card/fob directs them to call the toll-free number where a Family Alert representative will provide the names and phone numbers of your emergency contacts. Emergency personnel can then call the individuals you have preselected and advise them of your situation. Once informed, your family members and friends can provide support to you and your medical team.

anywhere. anytime.

Family Alert is available toll-free, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you’re traveling around town or around the world, Family Alert provides peace of mind – for you and your loved ones.

Family Alert Emergency Card

how do I enroll?

Enrolling in the Family Alert program is quick and easy!

Simply click the ‘enroll now’ button below and complete the online form. A Family Alert representative will contact you for the names and contact information of family members and close friends who you wish to have contacted in the event of an emergency. You’ll then be provided with a Family Alert card and key fob that you can keep with you for reference by emergency personnel if needed.

When you enroll in the Family Alert program, you can also request your own FREE Personal Planning Guide.

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for your friends

Your friends could benefit from this program too.

To share valuable information about Family Alert with your friends or loved ones, please complete the online form by clicking the ‘tell a friend’ button below.

Your friends will also have the opportunity to enroll in the Family Alert program and request a Personal Planning Guide – FREE.

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contact us

For more information about the Family Alert program, please call 1.866.511.3377 or simply click the ‘email’ button below.